CPD Course: An Introduction to Blockchain: Reality and Myths

There is a considerable amount of hype about cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a result of extensive, and sometimes excessive, business press coverage seen in the past five years. Despite the hype, from a technology perspective, blockchains exhibit a number of very exciting and important features that justify the attention. In this session, the technology principles behind blockchain and the main implications of the technology on businesses and society as a whole will be explained. The session will also cover developments in public systems (bitcoin and other systems) as well as company-private variants such as hyperledger.

Attendees will gain knowledge about the different types of blockchain that exist and will be able to judge which blockchain can be useful in various situations. The aim of the session is for attendees to leave knowing what is real and what is myth in press and other reports about blockchain.

Who should attend this session?

The session is particularly suited for decision makers as well as for people who want to gain a better understanding of the topic

Attendees are not expected to have prior knowledge about blockchain technology although some understanding about IT would make it easier to follow.

Who are the instructors?

This session will be jointly delivered by Prof Aad van Moorsel and Dr Paul Ezhilchelvan from Newcastle University.

*Please note that this event will only go ahead if there are sufficient registrations. In case of cancellation, you will receive a full refund through Eventbrite.

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