Industry Innovation Day : Diet & Health

Newcastle University will be holding an industry innovation day on October 16th 2019 at The Core.

The event aims to increase knowledge exchange between the University and companies innovating in Diet & Health.

The day will focus on generating joint Industry-University projects that are eligible for seed funding following the event.

Example projects are given below (please note this is not an exhaustive list and other types of projects may also be funded following the Industry Innovation day):

  • Designing foods to maintain and improve health
  • Increasing knowledge of food structures and our understanding of how they can be modified for sustainability and nutritional benefit
  • Understanding the relationship between food processing and nutrition
  • Understanding food choice and eating behaviour to improve health through diet
  • Explore how different food structures/modifications can affect parameters such as food choice and preferences, appetite, satiety, reward, and palatability

Funding will be available for 2 types of applications:

  1. Proof-of-Concept Applications - These projects should be focused on:
  2. Generating data to demonstrate the effectiveness of a new idea, product or technology and/or,
  3. Determine the feasibility of new product/idea in the market i.e. identify any barriers to adoption etc,
  4. Understanding if an existing technology/product/idea could be applied somewhere new
  5. Placement Applications - These projects are expected to have the same activities as the Proof-of-concept projects but should also facilitate a relationship with industry by the embedding of University staff into the company for the duration of the project. Secondments from Industry to the University will also be considered.

Other funding opportunities will also be highlighted during the day including:

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