CPD Course: Gamification in the Workplace

Gamification is not a guaranteed success and there are many examples of failure. This session presents best practices in gamification deployment within, and across, organisational boundaries using case studies and general guidance for deployment success. This includes approaches that educate, motivate and, engage employees to optimise workflows and increase employee satisfaction.

Gamification is the utilisation of a game to encourage a useful outcome (beyond that of entertainment). Using a puzzle that reflects a biological model and getting people to solve it (crowd sourced solutions) or improving employer/customer engagement by enhancing the workplace with games that improve company outcomes (e.g., sales, productivity) are examples of Gamification in the Workplace. Reviews on TripAdvisor are an example for travel reviewers (with levels and badges) of Gamification. In simple terms, if there is a badge or level that people can attain, then that is an example of the most basic version of gamification. The best gamification approaches are usually ubiquitous in nature.

Gamification can influence every level of the workplace. Learning techniques and enabling technologies for gamification will be the key elements to motivating employees and customers. Therefore, knowledge of how to best utilise such technology will be an important skill for anyone with leadership roles within their organisations - from executive level roles where gamification techniques are designed and tailored with third party consultation through to supervisory roles requiring the ability to wield such technology for the benefit of their support staff.

Who should attend this session?

The session is particularly suited for decision makers as well as for people who want to gain a better understanding of the topic of Gamification

The session is suitable for participants in a wide range of sectors inlcuding but not limited to education, marketing, recruitment, business, healthcare, and banking

No prior knowledge about Gamification is expected.

Who is the instructor?

The course will be delivered by Dr Graham Morgan from Newcastle University.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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