National Innovation Centre For Data: Innovating Through Data

Digital Union is pleased to announce that it is hosting this event in partnership with Dynamo. Dynamo is a volunteer-led group set up with the core mission to ‘Grow the North East IT Economy’ through collaboration, innovation, skills.

The National Innovation Centre for Data is delivering key technical and practical data skills into organisations. This improves business competitiveness and drives growth by unleashing the huge potential for innovation offered by the explosive growth in digital data.

As a one-off move away from our bi-monthly Breakfast Networking events, we will be hosting a special event to mark the opening of the National Innovation Centre for Data and give you all an early insight into how the centre will work and improved productivity for business globally.

At this event, you will get an opportunity to have a tour of the building, hear an introduction to NIC D from Director Steve Caughey, as well as take part in the audience for a short panel which looks into how businesses have already taken advantage of the expertise that will be housed at the Centre.

Our bimonthly Digital Networking events are open to anyone with an interest in the sector.

Meet other Digital Union members as well as non-members and find out who’s doing what and when.

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