Workshop: Building Our Manifesto For The Future

Following the recent restructure of Digital Union, we’re calling on your input and action to decide on priorities going forward.

To do this, Digital Union is committed to producing a new Manifesto that outlines the areas where we should focus our attention and make sure we get things done for the sector and for you, our members. But we need you to get involved.

We believe that the success of the whole strategy following the manifesto is one that is crafted and led by you, the members. As such, the task groups that will deliver on the commitments made will be chaired by members, made up of members and agreed actions will be implemented with the support of the Digital Union Team.

The result of this will be a fully formed Manifesto that we will all deliver on to help grow the sector.

To kick start this process, your Union needs you and we will be facilitating an all-inclusive workshop that will look at discussing and putting in place the best ways to achieve tangible results in the following areas:

Developing our workforce

How do we work with our education partners to produce industry-ready talent? How do we ensure that courses and curriculum are fit for purpose? What schemes can we help design and implement that ensure regional talent is fed directly into regional businesses?

Supporting the growth of the sector and community

How can we support each other better and learn from each other's experiences and past mistakes? What does appropriate sector-specific business support look like and what do we need to ensure barriers to growth are removed? How can we collaborate with partners to make sure the sector voice is as strong as possible?

Raising the profile of the North East Sector and the businesses within it

How to we continue to raise the media profile of the Digital sector both within the region and outside looking in? How do we ensure that other North East based sectors are looking to neighbouring businesses for their digital solutions? How do we ensure that those studying in the region realise that there are amazing career opportunities on their doorstep?

Financing your business and the sector

How do we make sure we know about all the funding and finance opportunities available to us? How can we influence the LEPs and Combined Authorities to invest in the sector and make increased funds available? How can we make sure there are adequate funds available to secure structured growth programmes for businesses?

Developing the Union

The bigger we are, the stronger and more influential we are. How can we grow the Union and how can we collectively make sure this growth happens? What are the tactics we need to adopt to widen the community? What are the key reasons business join and value Digital Union?

Don’t ask what the Union can do for you, ask what you can do for the Union.

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