Blame It On The Algorithm - Digital Ethics in the Age of AI

Join us for a though-provoking session on digital ethics and its importance in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

About this Event

Digital ethics is increasingly coming to the forefront and more and more companies are starting to pay attention to it - whether it's lip service or a real focus. The National Innovation Centre for Data and the Institute of Coding at Newcastle University are partnering to bring this special event on Digital Ethics to Newcastle for the first time.

Dr Mhairi Aitken is a Senior Research Associate in Newcastle University Business School. She is a Sociologist whose research examines social and ethical dimensions of digital innovation particularly relating to uses of data and AI. For the last few years, she has given a talk at the Edinburgh Fringe on the importance of ethics in data and algorithms.

She will take the stage in the newly opened Catalyst and perform the show in Newcastle. Following this there will be a panel discussion, including a chance for question and answer, on data and digital ethics.


17:00: Welcome and refreshments 17:15: Mhairi Aitken: Blame it on the Algorithm 17:45: Q&A with Mhairi Aitken 17:55: Panel Discussion 18:45: Close and networking 18:45-19:30: Networking and opportunity for a tour of the Catalyst Building

Speakers on our panel include:

  • Katherine Mayes, Programme Manager at techUK
  • Esther Gillespie, CEO at Jumping Rivers
  • Richard Tomsett, Emerging Technology Specialist, IBM

About Blame it on the Algorithm:

Algorithms and artificial intelligence could determine your mortgage application, drive a car, find you a soulmate and even diagnose your health conditions. But they can also be used to tell prospective employers which candidates are lowest risk; determine who gets arrested and potentially even decide where drones should drop bombs. These algorithms might know what they can do, but who can say what they should do?

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