The future of the Ageing 'grand challenge'

The UK’s ageing population is presenting a significant test to the economy, with greater caring demands on those of working age and increased health and social care costs, while also reducing the size of the workforce and reducing productivity. In this morning long session we will discuss the future of the ageing grand challenge under the new government. We will discuss how the public, private and not for profit sectors can work together to make a more inclusive economy, and realise a business opportunity for the UK.

You will:

  • Learn how UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing is leading on innovations in ageing that will improve all aspects of our ageing societies
  • Hear the funding that is now available to address the ageing grand challenge and find out how you can support
  • Learn how leading businesses are looking to capitalise on the opportunity the ageing population presents with both support and services, both here in the UK and globally
  • Find out the role of digital revolution and data in supporting an ageing population

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