The Science of Wellbeing and Brain Health

The first "Science of ..." session of the year is being delivered by ART Health Solutions and Newcastle University.

Phill Bell Ph.D, Chief Operations Officer of ART Health Solutions will discuss the impact of the workplace on the health, wellbeing and performance of employees, utilising real-world and scientifically collected data. He will demonstrate the importance of understanding how workplaces affect employees, both from the perspective of supporting employee health and maintaining bottom line business performance.

Phill is Chief Operations Officer at ART Health Solutions, an organisation utilising scientific methods, tools and processes to support organisational and employee health, wellbeing ad performance. ART Health’s mission is to “Empower people to take the best care of their wellbeing by creating cutting edge technologies that deliver data-driven, actionable insights”. Phill has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from Northumbria University and prior to ART Health held the role of Principal Scientist at the GSK Human Performance Lab.

Prof. Emma Stevenson, Newcastle University will provide an overview of brain health and the role that nutrition has in optimising brain health. She will discuss recent research on nutritional strategies to optimise brain health and future directions in this field of research.

Emma is Deputy Dean of Population Health Sciences Institute and Professor of Sport and Exercise Science in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University. Emma is also a Principle Investigator in both the Human Nutrition Research Centre and the Healthier Lives Centre of Research Excellence at Newcastle University. Emma is currently leading the Medical Research Council funded NuBrain consortium on nutrition for healthy brain ageing. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration of academics, industry Newcastle university faculty of medical sciences logo partners, charities and public health specialists that aims to provide a step change in research in the role of nutrition and brain health.

Toby Hyam, Managing Director of Creative Space Management will host the event.

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