Wor culture: the workforce of the future/the future of the workforce

By placing the workforce at the heart of the discussion, we want to explore the future for the creative industries.

Whether you’re an individual creative, representing an organisation or funder, or perhaps you are a member of the future workforce - this event is hoping to set a direction we can travel in together. What kind of future can we imagine for the creative industries in the North East and how do we get there?

Join us to start a manifesto.

The creative industries are at a pivotal point - the last few years have highlighted inequalities, gaps and precarity in the workforce which haven’t always been obvious to the wider community before. The agenda is being set for the future of our creative economy, and at the heart of this MUST sit the creative workforce.

But how does this align with changes in education, funding and ‘leadership’ in a post pandemic era?

Where creative and cultural education for all is challenged by education policy, routes into the sector are narrow, funding is over subscribed, the pandemic has had significant impact on under-represented groups and under 25s, and skills gaps have deepened inhibiting recovery and growth.

In the North East, devolved authorities and LEPs (Local Economic Partnerships) have recognised the need to invest in and support this agenda – but what is the need, what barriers need to be overcome, what agendas should we advocate for?

We invite you to join us to think about:

  • Creative and cultural education (curated by Leanne Alldred)
  • Early career creatives (curated by Dami Fawehinmi)
  • Progression (curated by Leila d’Aronville)

Who should come along?

If you’re interested in creative skills - from schools to sector - this event is for you.

Whatever your profession - freelancer, teacher, student, local/devolved authority representative, arts organisation - if you have something to say about creative skills and are eager to listen to a range of experts and experiences - join us!

This event is brought to you by Newcastle University, North East Cultural Freelancers, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Navii Media.

A limited number of bursaries are available for freelancers to attend, please email info@culturalfreelancers.org for information.

Add your voice!

As part of the keynote we are asking attendees, speakers and the wider sector to film a short video (no more than 2mins) answering the following two questions: What is the biggest challenge facing the creative workforce? And what is your greatest hope?

Please read this guide on capturing your footage.

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