Supporting people at home, work and play in later life

Are you and your organisation committed to supporting elder citizens to live happier, more connected lives? Do you want to explore better ways of supporting older people at home, work and play? How are different organisations looking to support their most vulnerable customers/clients?

Join us for the first session in Challenge North Tyne’s Ageing Challenge to help define our priorities for change, meet others working in this area and learn about the support available for innovation initiatives.

The goal of this session is to:

  • Build our understanding of the opportunities for innovation and support available to overcome the barriers to deploying needed solutions.
  • Clarify shared priorities to support elder citizens in our region and strengthen collaborations.
  • Learn about the support and funding available to advance partnerships and solution development.

Innovation and change projects often fail as we lack the full insight into the problem, lack of visibility about how many people have that problem and what motivates them to adopt new solutions, the resources to develop and test a solution and clear routes to market. This session is the first step in our ageing challenge, to understand where the greatest opportunities for innovation exist in our communities and to support North of Tyne based businesses and organisations to collaborate on the development of viable solutions.

N.B. This event has limited numbers, please register your interest to attend and we will confirm your place shortly. If you have any queries about the event, please contact


13:30 – Networking

14:00 – Event start and welcome from Challenge North Tyne team – Introducing the programme and collaboration with the National Centre for Innovation in Ageing

14:10 – Views from Public / Private / Voluntary Sector – Lightening talks on current challenges and priorities from leading regional stakeholders

14:40 – Interactive workshop to identify opportunities for change and barriers in 3 key areas:

Home – How might we support older community members to live connected, healthier lives? How might we support management of health conditions, and develop homes and communities that support full lives for elder citizens?

Work – How might we support elder colleagues to want to remain in the work force to best share their knowledge, use their skills, or learn new ones?

Play – How might we make it easier for older citizens to partake in hobbies, activities and social engagements?

15:15 – Identifying priorities and discussion of challenge definition.

15:35 – Feedback and next steps.

16:00 - Close and Networking

Challenge North Tyne is an innovation challenge programme funded by North of Tyne combined authority, developing innovation challenges in decarbonisation of homes, ageing by providing support to key stakeholders tackling these issues and grant funding to SME-led solution development.

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