Use cases for the new 'Space Race': IoCT meets Space-Tech

Highlighting significant space innovations and translating them into practical use cases that benefit older people's daily lives.

About this event This webinar aims to identify the most significant space innovations through the involvement of experts in the field. By translating them into practical use cases, it also seeks to explore how older people and their stakeholders can benefit from them in their everyday lives. Consequently, facilitating companies to understand new growth opportunities for their business.

The infrastructural potential of present and future Caring Things enables an unprecedented use and sharing of human-powered data. These are closely linked to the evolution of space technologies, providing more effective and secure location systems or the ability to leverage satellites to enable transmissions via 5G in remote areas.

Use cases are fundamental to support this sector's development and demonstrate its usefulness. They bring to life ways in which the new space race promises to develop a range of innovations in a faster, more effective, more focused way - from which we could all benefit in the nearer, rather than distant, future.

Running order

10:00 am – Welcome, Introduction and IoCT Overview – Claire Robinson, Cluster Manager for the IoCT

10:10 am - Importance of Space Tech in enabling the IoCT sector – Nic Palmarini, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing.

10:20 am - Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence North East – Mark David, Business Engagement and Opportunities Manager at Business Durham / NESACoE

11:00 am - Networking Break Out Sessions

11:15 am – IoCT in Action: Jennine Jonczyk, Programme Manager for IoCT - “How are community projects embracing IoT in our city streets? Real applications experience from the Newcastle’s Urban Observatory”

11:30 am - IoCT in Action: Gordon Ingram, HEMS Paramedic from the Great North Air Ambulance Service - “Space enabled tech every day to assess injuries and help people in danger”

11:45 am – IoCT in Action: Ralph Dinz Dinsley Executive Director NORSS – “Situational Awareness: how does this aspect of Space-Tech help companies develop and provide new or enhanced products and services on earth (including keeping the satellites in the sky).”

12:00 pm – In Conversation With - Amalia Ercoli Finzi in a conversation with Nic Palmarini discussing “Ageing in space: what benefit space research can bring to our ageing and longevity”

Bio - Amalia Ercoli Finzi is not only the first Italian woman to graduate in aeronautical engineering, she has been involved with several NASA - Italian Space Agency missions, including space tether missions, MiTEx and Columbus (ISS module). She was responsible for the SD2 instrument, which drilled the surface of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, collected materials and took them for analysis.

12:15 pm – IoCT Panel Session – Join Nic Palmarini and invited guests : Amalia Ercoli Finzi, Elvina Ercoli Finzi and Elaine Scott, Ralph ‘Dinz’ Dinsley

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