Northern Data Debates 4: A Healthy Trust in Data?

The fourth in a series of five hybrid Northern Data Debates igniting spirited conversations with world-leading experts

About this event

Health is one the most exciting and challenging application areas for data science and artificial intelligence.

Data-driven healthcare represents a paradigm shift for medicine, with huge potential for personalised, preventive healthcare and for early interventions. This is enabled by the progressive integration of digital health records with multi-omics data and medical imagery, as well as with self-monitoring data coming from personal wellness wearables—and all alongside advances in our capacity to manage, analyse and extract insights from the data at scale.

However, these technologies also bring new and old challenges to the fore, around privacy, ethics, and ownership of personal information. In this Northern Data Debate, our panel of experts unpacks the latest developments, and debates the myriad promises and challenges that surround innovations in healthcare and data

Sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute, the National Innovation Centre for Data and Newcastle Data.

Our compere for the evening will be Herb Kim, CEO Thinking Digital.

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