North East Databricks meetup

Come join us for the FIRST EVER north east databricks meet-up in the NICD, February 16th at 6pm!

The event is open to databricks experts, people who are totally new to the platform, or anyone who is enthusiastic about data!

  • 1800--1830h: Refreshments
  • 1830--1920h: Speaker: Thor List
  • 1930--2000h: Roundtable

For our inaugural Databricks North East meet-up, we are excited to be hosting Thor List, Senior Field Engineering Manager at Databricks. Over the last four years, Thor has built up a team of 40 talented Solutions Architects to help Enterprise customers in Northern Europe solve their most challenging data and AI problems. Before joining Databricks he spent a lot of time building collaborative robots, computer and face recognition systems and covert surveillance equipment for governments around the world. Thor lives in old York now after finding New York not quite right.

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