Quantum Healthy Longevity: Healthy People, Planet and Growth

The National Innovation Centre for Ageing is hosting a hybrid in-person/online summit at the Catalyst in Newcastle on 29th March between 11:15- 16:00 for start-ups, SMEs, industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, commissioners and investors to explore the latest science and policy developments to foster open innovation and cross-sector collaboration to promote ‘healthy people, planet and growth’.

The session will highlight the links between biology, psychology and behaviour, looking at how health and care can be nurtured and nudged from birth to death in regional innovation clusters to create the 'world test bed for health'.

The day kicks off with a keynote address and overview of the Quantum Healthy Longevity Innovation Mission, including presentations on the scientific framework of the ‘exposome’ underpinning the mission and policy developments on agile regulatory reform to unlock innovation at scale to create the ‘world test bed for health’.

The afternoon focusses on the opportunities in the real world to make it all happen in a vibrant mission-driven tech ecosystem, with workshops led by the NW HealthTech Cluster, Lilli and Ctrl-Shift.

Please register to get your place now. Registered delegates can apply for one of the three workshops in the afternoon. For those attending the HealthTech Cluster workshop you can also register to do a 3-minute pitch.


  • Professor Nic Palmarini, Director, National Innovation Centre for Ageing
  • Professor Lynne Corner, COO, National Innovation Centre for Ageing
  • Tina Woods, Founder & CEO, Collider Health


  • Professor Paul Shiels, Professor of Geroscience, University of Glasgow
  • Helen Crampin, Innovation and Technology Lead, Healthy Ageing, UKRI
  • Phil Carvil, Head of Northwest Clusters, UKRI
  • Nick Weston, Chief Commercial Officer, Lilli
  • Fiona Brown, Chief Care Officer, Lilli
  • Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift
  • Simon Darling, Ctrl-Shift
  • Dr Richard Siow, Director of Ageing Research at King’s College London
  • Svitlana Surodina, King’s College London
  • Rachna Leveque, Senior housing specialist, Connected Places Catapult

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