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Motivait is an IT services company based in The Core at Newcastle Helix. We sat down with Lara Jones from Motivait to find out how the company has supported people and businesses to stay connected and adapt to remote working through the coronavirus pandemic.

Motivait is an IT services company based at Newcastle Helix. They design, develop and manage engagement solutions, including innovative, digital responses to common challenges across Customer, Employee and Citizen Engagement.

Their user-centric solutions focus on creative problem solving to enhance everyday experiences and turn passive individuals into active, committed, and motivated participants.

As a member of our Newcastle Helix community, we sat down with Lara Jones, Motivait, to find out how the company has supported both people and businesses to stay connected and adapt to remote working through the coronavirus pandemic.

Tell us about your business and what you do?

As a full Solution and Service Provider we combine expertise in Consulting, User Experience (UX), Creative Design, Gamification and Communications together with our innovative Technology Platform to achieve specific outcomes for clients looking to digitally transform their business, excite their people, connect with their audiences, and create meaningful and sustainable change.

Behind the innovation is of course our brilliant Motivait team – a diverse group of professionals each with different skills, talents and areas of expertise but all passionate about understanding challenges and needs, building solutions that are readily adopted and enjoyed, and achieving real results for our clients.

How have your innovative solutions allowed clients to adapt during COVID-19?

Over the last twelve months, the Motivait Engagement Platform and our Mobile solutions have been used by more than 30 million active users across nearly 50 countries. We manage in excess of 50 million interactions in a year and have processed peaks of 500,000 interactions on a single day without any type of incident or downtime. Through our solutions, our clients have been able to maintain business continuity, consistency and communication when COVID-19 sent the world home or changed their market dynamics.

We have been able to support the global onboarding of new employees through an immersive digital experience as they began their new roles completely remote to their new colleagues and working environments. Through our loyalty and customer engagement solutions we have been able to help our retail clients continue to reach their customers and sustain mobile, ecommerce and omnichannel sales against great uncertainty.

Graduates and interns, new to the corporate world, have explored learning materials hosted within our gamified experiences as they have got to grips with very different circumstances. With our Promotions Management suite, marketing teams within our clients have been able to adjust and personalise promotions, offers and communications in real time as situations have changed across Europe.

It hasn’t always been easy, but we’re proud to say that the team have worked effectively and relentlessly to continue to meet our clients’ needs in the face of the various challenges posed by the pandemic. Given the business-critical nature of our solutions, service delivery, security, 100% availability, performance and client satisfaction are vital components of our proposition and corporate DNA and, as a team, we have been able to sustain this throughout what has been a turbulent time for everyone.

The Core
The Core

Newcastle Helix fosters collaboration and innovation between businesses, researchers, and scientists. Has being a part of the Newcastle Helix community allowed your business to collaborate?

Given the very nature of the Newcastle Helix community, there are constant opportunities for networking and learning in the shape of events, online sessions, or even just bumping into each other as you move between buildings.

We have been able to build mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses located on the site whilst also strengthening some great collaborations with a range of schools and centres from the University.

As an example, we have worked closely with Newcastle University’s School of Computing, based on the Newcastle Helix, to provide exciting and engaging practical learning opportunities for students focused on game technologies. Through the experience, students get to work alongside industry experts in the field of game design and gamification to help develop their skills with constructive feedback and industry knowledge, and in turn we get fresh feedback and perspectives from their own individual and varied experiences.

How does your business benefit specifically from the eco-system on Newcastle Helix?

We can’t imagine anywhere better to locate our headquarters than in the heart of Newcastle Helix.

The North East has a proud heritage of community interest, innovation, cultural richness and societal benefit. Being within an exciting community of researchers and innovators that also bring together education and employment, gives us the opportunity to share ideas and concepts with a network of people with different lenses and perspectives, which is ideal for developing user-focussed digital solutions.

From our home in The Core, we’re able to learn from and compare notes with different organisations working across science, technology, business and research to help families, communities and cities live healthier, longer, smarter and easier lives.

A hugely important reason behind why we chose Newcastle Helix for our headquarters is the collective, shared commitment to community, people and place.

Whether it is the National Innovation Centre for Data with its understanding and deciphering of information on people and behaviours, or Open Lab furthering research and awareness around Digital Citizenship, or the National Innovation Centre for Ageing challenging perceptions and the status quo around age – everywhere you look Newcastle Helix is looking to design sustainability, innovation and people into our futures.

The North East has always been home to engineering and industry that would power the nation. But it is also a region with the warmest welcome and the friendliest people, a region that continues to change and evolve, where people come for a visit and end up wanting to stay forever! Newcastle Helix is a great example of how sites can embrace the future while remaining proudly rooted in local history and culture. As a hub for collaborative, community spirit and cutting-edge innovation and research, we love being able to call it home!

For information on the work the team do, visit Motivait online.

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